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Green Print Solutions

Superb print, naturally


Our clients tell us that it’s really important for them to work with an ethical, quality printer whilst minimising the impact on the environment. That’s why they chose Blackmore.


Everything we do is underpinned by our ethos to limit any impact on the environment and our greener print comes as standard on all print projects.


We think about everything; from the materials we use for your print projects (all our stock comes from FSC   or PEFC approved sources and our inks/ coatings are biodegradable); and provide you with carbon-balanced print in partnership with the World Land Trust.  We can even advise you on greener print solutions to replace any less environmentally-friendly items (such as your plastic folders or packaging).


As well as advising on your print projects, we also carefully measure and manage our own environmental footprint.  This includes minimising waste and use of water and energy.  

Our revolutionary processless plate technology removes the need for water and chemicals in the plate-making process, and our LED blue-light drying system saves energy, whilst speeding up the delivery of your print projects.


The way we do things gets recognised. We were one of the first UK printers to be awarded with the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard. Plus Kodak also awarded us with the Green Leaf Award (2018 and 2019) in recognition of all the work we do to reduce our environmental impact.


Do you want to improve your own environmental profile through print? 

We’d love to help.


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