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Blackmore Switches to 100% Renewable Energy

As of October 2023, 100% of Blackmore's electricity is generated from a blend of renewable sources including hydro, wind, solar, biomass and landfill gas. 100% of the electricity supplied, provided by EDF, is renewable and has a zero emissions factor for Scope 2 reporting. The new renewable energy supply is part of Blackmore's ongoing ethos to limit any impact on the environment and overall commitment to achieving net-zero this decade. From October 2023, every print project at Blackmore Ltd will be created using 100% renewable electricity, making our customer print projects even greener than ever.

Blackmore switches to 100% renewable energy for print production via EDF

The renewable electricity is backed by UK REGO or European GoOs. UK REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) is a scheme that provides certificates called REGOs which demonstrate electricity has been generate from renewable sources.

European GoOs (Guarantees of Origin) is similar to a green certificate, in that it proves that power has been produced from a specific source. A guarantee of origin enables the traceability of green energy from the producer to the final consumer, even though the electricity networks obviously do not distinguish between different types of electricity.

Blackmore continually reviews its list of suppliers and energy providers to limit any impact on the environment, whilst providing customers with associated 'greener print' and cost benefits. The switch to 100% renewable electricity is one of the latest investments Blackmore has made to make print projects greener, including around £3.5million investment in new state-of-the-art print presses and a high efficiency air compressor.

Andrew Robbins, Managing Director of Blackmore Ltd said "We were keen to switch to a partner that supplies genuine green energy. We are very impressed with EDF's environmental credentials, with their links with EV100, Carbon Trust and the Biodiversity Benchmark. Blackmore is also investing in solar power panels, so from October 2023, all our energy will be provided by 100% renewable sources, generated in the UK. With the combination of our investments in new state-of-the-art technology, energy supply, and partnering with green suppliers, we are well on our way to achieving net-zero this decade."

Click the link to find out about Blackmore's green credentials.



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