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Interview: A Doughnut Packaging Story

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Warning: the images in this story will make you hungry!

We caught up with Emma from All About The Glaze, producers of unique artisan doughnuts handcrafted in Dorset, to talk about their story and how their printed packaging has helped their business.

Can you tell us a bit about All About The Glaze and how it was formed?

Emma: I used to work in a local pub and was furloughed due to the pandemic. Whilst on furlough, I visited a small bakery in Devon one day for breakfast, where they sold doughnuts. I thought to myself that I’d like to make doughnuts, selling them at markets. So, I set up All About The Glaze!

What did you need the packaging for?

Emma: I wanted to create a striking box for people to carry the doughnuts in once they’d bought them from my market stall. The boxes have been the best thing ever! They really stand out and create a buzz at the market. The boxes are all eco-friendly, too, which is really important, especially at markets. Blackmore created 3 different sized boxes for me, from a small box for one individual doughnut, up to the largest box for 6 doughnuts.

How did the packaging come about?

Emma: Working with Blackmore was easy and not intimidating at all – we bounced ideas off each other. I drew my logo and Blackmore then produced it. They also came up with the colours and advised me on what would work best, such as adding my social media details and website to the packaging, too. Even though Blackmore does huge print runs, they are also brilliant for a small business like mine!

What else did you like about the service?

Emma: My first doughnut box order was printed in one go. As a small business, I had nowhere to store them. Now, Blackmore prints my boxes and stores them for me; they then send me what I need every month and I pay them at the end of the month for the amounts they send me. It’s brilliant for small businesses like mine, to help spread the cost.


At Blackmore, we’re helping more and more businesses with their custom printed packaging, from recyclable boxes and bags for artisan food and drink producers to packaging boxes for national product-based companies.

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